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Frequently Asked Questions

Are vaccine passes needed at
Plan B - Malmö?

No, right now, the government has lifted all restrictions!

How do I get a refund for a moved or canceled show?

Do you have an age limit at your concerts?

Yes, it's 13+ with a parent.

Are dogs allowed?

Do you have an age limit at your clubs?

Yes, 18+

Lost & Found

Can my band play at your venue?

Probably...maybe. contact us at (send links to music and social media - saves everyone's time 😉)

Can I rent your venue for a private event?

Yes, depending on what other events are us at

and tell us what date, how many people and what kind of event you are thinking about.

Yes, we love dogs and there is a venue dog, a golden retriever puppy. 

I left something at your venue, what do I do? 

Write us at

with a description of what you've lost. The subject should be "Lost & Found"

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